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Textbook Affordability

UAA Textbook Affordability

Textbook costs play a major role in the cost of a college education, and the high cost of textbooks directly undermines student success, access, and affordability -- central values of UAA’s 2025 mission. While low-cost alternatives to many textbooks exist, adopting affordable textbooks can be challenging for faculty. Worse, students may feel powerless to advocate for affordable textbooks if they believe they have no influence in faculty textbook adoptions.

One way to reduce the out-of-pocket cost for students is to adopt free or low-cost textbooks. Adopting free-to-access materials (also known as Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Course Materials) has been demonstrated to improve student success. When students have access to their materials from the first day of class, grades improve and withdrawal rates decrease, especially for those students traditionally underrepresented in higher ed (Colvard et al., 2018). Students also take more courses, allowing them to move toward graduation faster (Hilton et al., 2015). 

Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Course Marking - Coming Fall 2022


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  • Textbook Affordability Fellows

    The following faculty have committed to adopting, refining, and/or creating OER resources for their courses with the aim of reducing cost and increasing quality of education for the students we serve. To learn more about their course transformations, visit the Textbook Transformation ePortfolio!

    2021-2022 Fellows

    Adam Dunstan, Anthropology, KPC-Kenai
    Amy Green, Culinary Arts & Hospitality, UAA
    David Bowie, English, UAA
    Gloria Eldridge, Psychology, UAA
    Grace Leu-Burke, Allied Health, UAA
    Jackie Cason, Writing, UAA
    Kimberly Pace, Political Science & Women's Studies, UAA
    Kristen Ogilvie, Anthropology, UAA
    Lia Calhoun, English & Communication, KPC-Homer
    Michelle Fellows, Psychology, KPC-Kenai
    Rachel Graham, Mathematics, Mat-Su
    Sharon Chamard, Justice, UAA

    2020-2021 Fellows

    Amber Worthington, Communication, CTC, UAA
    Corrie Whitmore, Health Sciences, UAA
    Hilary Seitz, School of Education: Early Childhood, UAA
    Robert Henderson, J.D., Justice Center, UAA
    Terri Manthey, Quantitative Studies, CTC, UAA
    Sara Rufner, Writing, UAA

    2019-2020 Fellows

    Alison Gardell, Biology, KPC-Kenai
    Corrie Whitmore, Health Sciences, UAA
    Doug Bourne, Writing, UAA
    Gregory Hartley, Writing, UAA
    Jeremy Nettleton, Biology, Mat-Su
    John Sirois, Chemistry, Mat-Su
    Leslie Redmond, Dietetics & Nutrition, UAA
    Michelle Scaman, Communication, UAA
    Rachael Hannah, Biology, UAA
    Samuel Cook, Mathematics, UAA
    Sarah Smith, Communication, UAA
    Solveig Pedersen, Communication, UAA
    Stefanos Folias, Mathematics, UAA

  • Events

    Textbook Affordability events aim to increase awareness of alternatives to traditional commercial textbooks and methods to reduce textbook costs, as well as encourage students to advocate for no- or low-cost alternatives to traditional textbooks.

    Upcoming Events

    April 1, 2022: Faculty Development Awards Ceremony

    Past Events

    • Fall Teaching Academy
    • Campus Kick-Off 2018 and 2019
    • Fall 2018 Textbook Affordability Week
    • Tech Fellows / Textbook Transformation Fellows
    • Open Education Week, March 4-9, 2019
    • Visiting Speaker Series - Dr. Verena Roberts February 11 & 12, 2020
    • Open Ed Week March 2 - 6, 2020
    • 2019/2020 Textbook Transformation Fellows Learning Community - 3rd Friday of each month, 1p, LIB 214
    • 2020 Textbook Transformation Fellowship - May 26-29, 2020
    • 2021 Textbook Affordability Fellowship - May 10-14, 2021
  • Textbook Affordability Committee Chairs


    Veronica Howard's headshot
    Veronica Howard, Associate Professor of Psychology


    D'Arcy Hutchings' Headshot
    D'Arcy Hutchings, Instructional Design Librarian