Robin Dahlman

Robin Dahlman
Assistant Professor of Education
Kenai River Campus
Ward 211


  • October 2006, M.Ed. Leadership and Administration, Northern Arizona University
  • May 1997, M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction,TESL University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • May 1995, B.A. Education, Northern Arizona University


Robin Dahlman serves as KPC’s assistant professor of education and administrator of the Early Childhood and Elementary Education programs. Dedicated to excellence in education, Dahlman is delighted to have the opportunity to provide support, instruction, mentorship and guidance to future educators. In her opinion, the most influential profession is to be a highly effective, competent, and passionate educator. To be a teacher willing and ready to provide future generations with the skills, knowledge and practice to be positive, contributing members of our society is one of the most influential marks we can leave as our legacy.

Dahlman’s broad experiences will contribute greatly to her classes and to mentoring of individuals pursuing degrees in Early Childhood Development or Elementary Education.

  • Began her teaching career in a multiage/multilingual classroom of 36 students in a room built to accommodate no more than 25
  • Became a mentor to new teachers
  • Core planning member of a new school site designed to house more than 1,200 elementary students
  • Experienced sharing a classroom with another teacher
  • Taught students from K-8 grade
  • Worked at institutions in high poverty, high needs neighborhoods
  • Experienced teaching in large urban, suburban and small towns
  • Served as a teacher or administrator in public and private schools as well as a blended public/private charter school
  • Served as a national reading trainer, lead teacher, instructional specialist, assistant principal and principal (most recently in Kenai, Alaska)

In 2000, Dahlman and her husband backpacked all over the state of Alaska and fell in love with the Kenai, relocating here in 2011. She is an active mother of three children; loves hiking, camping, skiing, adventuring, boating, swimming; appreciates music, art, singing and nature. She is a life-long learner and loves to share her passion for teaching.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • EDFN A101 Introduction to Education
  • EDEL A205 Becoming an Elementary Teacher
  • EDEC A106 Creativity and the Arts in Early Childhood


  • 2015 Recipient of National Blue Ribbon Schools award
  • June 2011 Featured Top School Nationally, Model Schools Conference
  • June 2010 Circle of Honor inductee
    • AZ Department of Education as measured by the ISSLC standards
    • One of four inductees in the state of Arizona
    • February 2010 Rodel Exemplary Principal
      • Rodel Foundation of Arizona; one of seven selected statewide to serve as an Exemplary Principal model to aspiring principals