Field Experiences

The COE Student Services office assists students and departments with background checks and field placements. College of Education field experiences include observations, practica, and internships. Our goal is to ensure that field placements will result in diverse and meaningful learning experiences. All field experiences for undergraduate and graduate students are handled directly by COE Student Services Office in cooperation with COE staff and faculty.

In compliance with Title IX, UAA's Equity and Compliance policy prohibits discrimination, sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating and domestic violence, stalking, and retaliation ensuring compliance with federal and state discrimination and sexual harassment laws. This policy also applies to all locations in which students work during their field placements.

The Alaska Code of Ethics of the Education Profession can be found at Professional Teaching Practices Commission

Types of Field Experiences

  • Observations – less than 30 hours in the classroom focused primarily on observations within a classroom and possibly some individual or small group interaction. This is an introductory field experience.  
  • Practicum – less than 50 hours in the classroom tied to a specific course with a specified focus or emphasis. Will involve small and large group interaction with some lesson/unit planning and teaching.
  • Advanced Practicum  typically 80 hours in the classroom that includes small and large group instruction. May include co-teaching. This supervised field experience immediately precedes the culmination field experience, the Internship. (Counseling practicum is 100 hours and does not include direct classroom teaching.)
  • Internship – 250-500+ hours in which the intern will assume complete responsibility for the classroom including planning, delivering, and assessing instruction for an extended period of time designated as the Teaching Residence. (Counseling Internship is 200 hours and does not include direct classroom teaching.)

Field & Internship Placements

Observation, practicum, and internship placements are managed the COE Student Services office. Students may not make their own placements. The course instructor or Field Placement Coordinator will provide students with information about confirming a placement.

Contact COE Student Services 907-786-4401

For questions concerning background checks or field placements, please contact: COE Student Services at 907-786-4401
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