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The University of Alaska Anchorage and our community campuses have partnered with Tuition Management Systems to provide options to pay for school with smaller, more manageable monthly payments.


Payment Plan Information

Students with current balances can sign up for a payment plan and choose to pay your balance in 4 to 5 monthly payments over the course of the semester. Enrollment fee is $60. If you sign up prior to the payment deadline you will avoid up to $300 in late fees!

Students with past due balances may set up a payment plan by filling out a promissory note. You can choose to pay your balance in 3 to 6 months. Alternately, you may enroll in tuition management system's 12 month special plan arrangement, the maximum length offered. This special payment plan requires a $75 registration fee. Enrollment in a payment plan will not remove the hold on your student account, the hold will be lifted once the account balance is paid in full

Sample payment plans below are based on $1000 budget. Payments that are scheduled before enrollment in a plan will be due with your deposit.


spring payment plan