Wesley Rehabilitation & Care Center Long Term Care Community Needs Assessment (2001)

Denny DeGross, MA
Beth Landon, MBA, MHA
Janice Troyer, BS
Stacy L. Smith, MFA

Wesley Rehabilitation and Care Center (Wesley) contracted with the Alaska Center for Rural Health to perform an assessment and make recommendations for Wesley’s future. Specifically, the project would help the community determine:

  • The future need for institutional long term care services in Seward;
  • The optimal size for an institutional provider of long term care services in Seward;
  • The optimal scope of services, and range of services, to be provided in Seward;
  • The optimal relationship between a provider of long term care services and other health care providers in Seward and in other parts of southcentral Alaska;
  • The best ways to actively involve Seward residents in planning for and supporting the use of local, long term care services.

Alaska is following the national trend to de-institutionalize services to the elderly and to provide them with increasing levels of support services within their home and community. Wesley is currently a 66 bed nursing home facility, with residents from all over the state. The facility has played, and continues to play, an important role in Alaska’s health care system. The organization has evolved over time according to the needs of the Alaskan people. The assessment provided by ACRH was intended to help Wesley’s Board of Trustees plan for Wesley’s next change.

ACRH employed focus groups and key informant interviews for this project. The report describes the assessment process, results, analysis, and recommendations.