Centers of Excellence Study (2002)

Beth Landon, MBA, MHA
Jan Harris, MA, MSHA
Mariko Selle, BS
Janice Troyer, BS

A number of health care organizations in Alaska are concerned about strengthening the primary care system within the state. In terms of federal funding, there are no centers of excellence, education training centers, research centers, or policy centers focused on primary health care, especially primary care in frontier and remote areas. Additionally, there is no national or central clearinghouse of federally funded entities, which systematically identifies the function of these organizations and how they relate to health care systems and workforce.

To address these issues, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health, Primary Care Office contracted with the Universityof Alaska through a reimbursable services agreement to conduct a secondary research study of federally funded "centers of excellence," education training centers, and similar center networks, looking at their mission and the relationship of existing centers with Alaska.The funds for this RSA are from a Planning Grant awarded to the Alaska Primary Care Office by the Office of State and National Partnerships,Bureau of Primary Health Care, HRSA. The results of this researchwill enable the University, in partnership with the State of Alaska, to identify the availability, appropriateness, and feasibility of applying for federally funds for a "center" to improve Alaska's responsiveness to its unique primary health care needs and related workforce needs.


The Centers of Excellence Studyreport "Strengthening and Improving Alaska’s Primary Care Capacity: A Study of Centers of Excellence, Education Training Centers, Research Centers, and Policy Centers" is divided into the following four volumes: