Clinical Simulation in Alaska: More Than Mannequins, More Than Centers Developing a Collaborative Model (2008)

Karen Perdue, Associate Vice-President for Health Programs, UA
Jan Harris, Associate Dean, CHSW, UAA
Mia Oxley, Project Manager, UAA Health Programs
Jackie Pflaum, Associate Director, UAA School of Nursing
Suzanne Tryck, Director Regional Programs of Alaska, Washington School of Medicine
Janice Troyer, Program Manager, ACRH-AHEC, UAA
Beth Landon, Director, ACRH-AHEC, UAA

Clinical simulation embodies advanced technology and a new way of thinking about education. Simulations of real clinical events generally employ learning tools which can range from practicing injections on oranges to very sophisticated high technology computers.

In September 2007, with resources from the University of Alaska’s Workforce Development Office and the UA Associate Vice-President for Health’s Office, the Alaska Center for Rural Health – Alaska’s AHEC (ACRH) at UAA was invited to determine the potential uses of clinical simulation technology for postsecondary and continuing education.


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