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Summer 2003

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Class Activities

Classroom activities at Raven's Quest Summer Institute were highly varied. They included small group discussions, lectures, guest speakers, team building activities, research, and writing. Topics included cultural diversity, counseling skills, behavioral health occupations, ethics, confidentiality, and many more. Students also learned about opportunities for working in the behavioral health field in rural Alaska. They were introduced to the various behavioral health degree programs in the University of Alaska system, and had workshops around the topics of financial aid, resume writing, and job interviews. During the 8 week Summer Institute, students were given the opportunity to work on boosting academic skills. Some students worked on writing, while others worked on increasing their reading speed, introductory statistics, and learning how to use Excel.


RQSI 2003 - Class 1

RQSI 2003 - Class 2


Father Oleksa leads a workshop about the importance of communities in developing a safety net for raising children.

RQSI 2003 - Class 3RQSI 2003 - Class 4
Raven's Quest students participate in one of the many small group class discussions. Each week, a different topic on cultural diversity was presented. (left)

Alla Tinker and Rae Jackson take part in a class presentation. (right)

RQSI 2003 - Class 5 

Peer Mentor Janeen Nichols presents on the topic of Alaska Native cultures in Alaska.

RQSI 2003 - Class 7
RQSI 2003 - Class 6

Students enjoy exploring the Alaska Native Heritage Center as part of their Cultural Diversity course.