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Summer 2003

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Staff/Peer Mentors


Summer Institute Director

Director Dr. Patricia Sandberg, an Assistant Professor with UAA's Psychology Program, served as Summer Institute Director. In addition to teaching two courses (Cultural Diversity in Behavioral Health and Behavioral Health Practicum), Dr. Sandberg invited over 30 guest speakers to talk about cultural diversity and opportunities in the behavioral health field, coordinated the job shadowing sites, and provided endless academic and emotional support to Raven's Quest participants. Dr. Sandberg is looking forward to many more Summer Institutes!
Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors provided support to the Raven's Quest participants by assisting them with methods of research, writing processes, and group presentations. Additionally, they helped the participants understand college level study skills and methods for successful completion of upper level course work.

Jess Faber Jess Faber is finishing up his Bachelor's degree in Human Services and is looking towards graduate school. He is continuing his Peer Mentor role this winter by maintaining contact with the 2003 Raven's Quest graduates. In addition, Jess Faber will be doing some recruiting in Southeast Alaska. He is originally from the community of Metlakatla.
James Hollenbeck James Hollenbeck, known as JR, is finishing up his B.S. in Psychology. He plans to pursue a medical degree in psychiatry. JR began working for the Raven's Quest Summer Institute during the 2002/2003 academic year. He provided invaluable support to both the Program Manager and Summer Institute Director by preparing for the 2003 Raven's Quest Summer Institute and participating in a high school recruiting trip to the Lake and Peninsula School District.
Janeen Nichols Janeen Nichols completed her B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Alaska Native Studies last spring and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Clinical Psychology at UAA. Janeen is also highly involved in the ANPsych program. Before Raven's Quest Summer Institute started, Janeen participated in two recruiting trips to encourage high school students to go to college and to consider the behavioral health field. She attended a career fair in Kotzebue and a Natural Helpers Retreat in Pilot Station. She also spoke with high school students in Bethel, her hometown.
Amber Jackinsky

Amber Jackinsky is completing her bachelor's degree in Psychology at UAA. Amber is also currently working at Native Student Services on the UAA campus. Besides providing Peer Mentor support at the Summer Institute, Amber participated in a high school recruiting trip to Newhalen, close to her hometown of Nondalton during the spring of 2003.

Luisa Machuca Luisa Machuca, originally from Nome, finished her B.A. in Psychology in 2003 and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Clinical Psychology at UAA. Luisa works with the ANPsych program and serves as Vice-president and Club Council Representative for Psi Chi.

Program Manager

Janice Troyer Janice Troyer, from the Alaska Center for Rural Health, serves as the Program Manager. In addition to recruiting and coordinating the selection of students for the Summer Institute, she also managed the logistics of the program, disbursed stipend checks, and provided support where needed in the daily activities of the Summer Institute. Janice especially enjoyed getting to know the students in 2003 and looks forward to meeting more students.