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Summer 2003

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Social Events

Besides attending daily classes and participating in job shadowing experiences, Raven's Quest participants enjoyed getting together for lunches, potlucks, birthdays, and other events. Many friendships were formed throughout the summer.



Chef Guillermo barbecues salmon for hungry Raven's Quest students during an evening potluck on the University campus.


Rae Jackson visits with her sister during a Raven's Quest potluck.
Jolene Firmin and Nate Oehler enjoy food and conversation at an evening Raven's Quest potluck.
social4Raven's Quest students and Peer Mentors celebrate the birthday of Summer Institute Director Dr. Patt Sandberg.
Raven's Quest participants were proud to share their achievement in a Completion Ceremony held during the last week of the RQSI 2003 - Social 5Summer Institute. Family and friends were invited to celebrate the accomplishments and growth of Raven's Quest students during the eight week program. (left) RQSI 2003 - Social 7Raven's Quest students browse through photographs taken over the course of the summer. Each student had the opportunity to develop a page for the Raven's Quest Summer RQSI 2003 - Social 6Institute 2003 scrapbook. Look for this scrapbook at the next Raven's Quest open house.