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Summer 2004

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Class Activities

Classroom activities at Raven's Quest Summer Institute are highly varied. They include small group discussions, lectures, guest speakers, team building activities, research, statistics and writing. Participants are divided into small groups at the beginning of the Summer Institute. These groups work with one Peer Mentor throughout the Institute. The groups give participants an opportunity for small group discussion, as well as academic and emotional support.

Topics during the Summer Institute included cultural diversity, counseling skills, ethics, confidentiality, and many more. Students were introduced to the various behavioral health degree programs in the University of Alaska system, as well as career opportunities in the behavioral health field. Special workshops were also conducted about financial aid, resume writing and job interviews.

During the 8 week Summer Institute, students were given the opportunity to work on boosting academic skills, especially in the areas of research and writing papers. This year, due to a generous grant from the Rasmuson Foundation, each participant had the use of a laptop. For some students this was a good first introduction to the world of computers.

RQSI 2004 - Class 1

Bruce Ervin, a Raven's Quest participant, introduces himself to his fellow students and peer mentors on the first day. (left)

Participants learn about cultural sensitivity during one of their weekly group activities. Sarah Demit, Robyn George, Yan Chen, and Kandace Dushkin present their poster on "alternation." (right)

RQSI 2004 - Class 2
RQSI 2004 - Class 3

Crystal Swetzof and Carlyn Green pose next to Peer Mentor Jess Ruck. (left)

Each Raven's Quest participant has the opportunity to use a laptop during the course of the summer institute. Below (from left to right) Qi Sun, Wesley Roberts, Heather Hernandez, and Robyn George get acquainted with their laptop. (right)

RQSI 2004 - Class 4

RQSI 2004 - Class 5

During one of the activities, led by therapist Al Levy, all participants try to fit into a self-standing house frame they built by using only pencils, newspaper, and tape! Al leads a discussion about group dynamics afterwards.

RQSI 2004 - Class 6

Tiffany Jordan takes a snack break, while Crystal Frank reviews her homework assignment before class starts. (left)

Crystal Swetzof holds a Native Dance workshop. Through her dance moves, Crystal sings a story while her mom plays the drum. (right)

RQSI 2004 - Class 7