Raven's Quest Summer Institute

Summer 2004

Raven's Quest 2004
2004 Raven's Quest Summer Institute Participants (from left to right)

Front row: Peer Mentors Jess Faber, Jess Ruck, Mirian Olivo and Wesley Roberts
Second row: Josephine Semaken, Patricia Sandberg, PhD. (Summer Institute Director), Heather Hernandez, Pamela Notti and Yan Chen
Third row: Dagmar Mayer and Carlyn Green
Fourth row: Crystal Swetzof, Jayme Spires, Crystal Frank, Qi Sun and Alice Kiunya
Fifth row: Kandace Dushkin, Bruce Ervin, Tiffany Jordan, Sarah Demit and Janice Troyer (Program Manager)
Not pictured: Charelle Randall, Robyn George