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Summer 2004

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Job Shadowing

Each 2004 Raven's Quest participant had the opportunity to spend time in three different behavioral health organizations during the Summer Institute. Job shadowing was done Monday and Friday mornings as well as all day on Wednesdays. There were a variety of experiences. Some students shadowed one individual in an organization, while others shadowed several employees. Students interacted with clients, observed team meetings, interviewed staff members and participated in field trips and special events at the job sites. The organizations served a variety of clients from young children to the elderly. Some programs dealt with homeless people, some with families, while others with substance abuse and dual diagnosis issues. Job shadowing organizations for 2004 included the following: Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Southcentral Counseling Center, Southcentral Foundation, Homeward Bound, Alaska Children's Services, and the Ernie Turner Center.

RQSI 2004 - Job 1

Alice Kiunya and Dagmar Mayer enjoy their work with staff at South Central Foundation. (left)

Yan T. Chen and Qi Sun enjoy getting acquainted with staff at Dena A Coy. (right)

RQSI 2004 - Job 2
RQSI 2004 - Job 3 Jayme Spires enjoys a coffee break outside the Newhall Cottage at Alaska Children Services.
RQSI 2004 - Job 4

Josephine Semaken job shadows at the Ernie Turner Center. (left)

Pamela Notti, Crystal Frank and Charelle Randall step outside the Cook Inlet Tribal Council where they have been job shadowing for 2 weeks. (right)

RQSI 2004 - Job 5
RQSI 2004 - Job 6

Crystal Swetzof (middle) and Sarah Demit (right) visit with staff at Homeward Bound.