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Summer 2004

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Staff/Peer Mentors
Summer Institute Director 

RQSI 2004 - Patt Sandberg

Dr. Patt Sandberg, an Assistant Professor with UAA's psychology Program, served as Raven's Quest Summer Institute (RQSI) Director for the second season. In addition to teaching two courses (Cultural Diversity in Behavioral Health and Behavioral Health Practicum), Dr. Sandberg invited over 35 guest speakers to talk about cultural diversity and opportunities in the behavioral health field, coordinated the job shadowing sites and provided endless academic and emotional support to Raven's Quest participants and peer mentors. Dr. Sandberg is looking forward to more Summer Institutes!

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors provided support to the Raven's Quest participants by assisting them with methods of research, writing processes, and group presentations. Additionally, they helped the participants understand college level study skills and methods for successful completion of upper level course work.

RQSI 2004 - Mirian Olivo Mirian Olivo will graduate in May 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Spanish minor, and a welding certification. Throughout her college years at UAA, she has coordinated a music group at Kodiak College, served as the Recycling Club's welder, tutored Spanish, and taken part in Psi Chi (National Honor Society for Psychology).

Mirian found this year's summer institute to be one of the most inspirational, rewarding, and exciting activities. "Never before have I experienced so many insights … all at once!" Mirian continues her role as a Peer Mentor during the academic year by keeping in touch with 2004 Summer Institute graduates through emails, phone calls, a monthly newsletter and reunions.

RQSI 2004 - Wesley Roberts

Wesley Roberts, a participant in Raven's Quest Summer Institute 2003, returned this year as one of our Peer Mentors. Originally from Sitka, raised in Fairbanks and Hawaii, he is of Athabaskan and Tlingit heritage. Currently, Wes is completing his junior year of a psychology degree and serves as member of Alaska Natives into Psychology (ANPsych). Moreover, he is working as a group facilitator in the psychology field.

RQSI 2004 - Jess Ruck

Jess Ruck will receive her Masters Degree in Social Work in May 2005. She intends to work for Child Protection Services and move to a rural community sometime after graduation. When asked about her experience during the summer institute, she said, "I learned so much from the students who participated in Raven's Quest. Thank you! I could tell it was definitely an intense summer with the internships at different agencies, tons of awesome guest speakers, and the fun projects and papers that were turned in. We all left with knowledge, wonderful memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. This program definitely provides a stepping-stone for our future leaders. I hope Raven's Quest Summer Institute is around for years to come!"

RQSI 2004 - Jess Faber

Jess Faber completed his second season with Raven's Quest Summer Institute and served as the lead Peer Mentor this year. Jess, originally from Metlakatla, finished his bachelor's degree in Human Services last spring and is currently working on a masters in clinical psychology. Jess serves as a recruitment coordinator for the ANPsych program.

Program Manager

RQSI 2004 - Janice Troyer

Janice Troyer, from the Alaska Center for Rural Health, serves as the Program Manager of Raven's Quest Summer Institute. In addition to recruiting and coordinating the selection of students for the Summer Institute, she also manages the logistics of the program and provides support as needed to the Summer Institute Director and Peer Mentors on a daily basis. Janice tells us, "The favorite part of Raven's Quest Summer Institute for me is getting to know the students and their life stories. Their enthusiasm and caring nature are an inspiration to us all."