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Summer 2005

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Class Activities

Raven's Quest Summer Institute incorporates a multitude of class activities. Students in 2005 participated in small group activities, listened to guest speakers, wrote papers, gave presentations and participated in team building activities and talking circles. Each student was part of a smaller subgroup that met frequently during the summer to collaborate on classroom assignments and provide each other with a venue for academic and emotional support. Subgroups were led by Peer Mentors.

During the Summer Institute, students study cultural diversity, counseling skills, ethics, confidentiality, and academic skill building, especially in writing research papers. Students learn about behavioral health degree programs in the University of Alaska system, as well as career opportunities in the behavioral health field within Alaska.

RQSI 2005 - Class Activities Students participated in many nontraditional classroom experiences during Raven's Quest Summer Institute 2005, such as exploring the newly constructed Alaska Psychiatric Institute (API). Above, from left to right, James Munn, Beatrice Katongan, Chantelle Phillips, Thecla Ulroan and Dr. Sandberg listen to tour guide Pat Ventgen, a Health Program Manager, explain API's new floor plan. (Note: Ron Adler also spoke to students about the use of telepsychiatry in Alaska during the tour.)
RQSI 2005 - Class Activities Participants smile as they enjoy the company of an exciting speaker. From far left, Gertrude Heckman, Amanda McCubrey, James Munn, Margie Gandia, JP Ouellette, Darlene Riley, Aaron Knudsen, Sandi Ahlers and April Lucore.

RQSI 2005 - Class ActivitiesRQSI participants get the opportunity to polish up their public speaking skills. Each student discusses and researches a specific topic with their subgroup and thenRQSI 2005 - Class Activites explains what they learned to the rest of the class. Heidi Gutierrez speaks to her classmates. (left)

Al Levy incorporates a hands-on learning approach to his discussion about group dynamics and teamwork. (right)

RQSI 2005 - Class ActivitesParticipants (from front to back) Darlene Riley, Letha Williams, Sandi Ahlers,RQSI 2005 - Class Activites JP Ouellette and Elizabeth Dougan participate in a group exercise. (left)

Dr. Sandberg leads a skill building workshop on critical thinking. Sandi Ahlers (left), Thecla Ulroan (middle) and Kimberly Curtis also had the opportunity to attend other workshops that focused on statistics, freewriting, APA style formatting, resume writing, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. (right) 

RQSI 2005 - Class ActivitesRQSI 2005 - Class ActivitesLetha Williams works on a paper in UAA's new Consortium Library, right next door to the Raven's Quest Summer Institute. (left)

Margie Gandia uses a Raven's Quest laptop to work on one of her academic papers (due to a generous grant from Rasmuson Foundation in 2004, each student is allowed to use a laptop during the duration of the Summer Institute). (right)