Raven's Quest Summer Institute

Summer 2005

Raven's Quest 2005
2005 Raven's Quest Summer Institute Participants (from left to right)

Front row: Peer Mentors Jess Faber and Mirian Olivo, Jean Paul Ouellette, Peer Mentors Rita Mahon and Jolene Firmin
Second row: Alexandra Tabares, Darlene Riley and Dr. Patt Sandberg (Summer Institute Director) to the far right
Third row: Brenda Belcher, Jermia Leach, April Lucore, Kimberly Curtis
Fourth row: Margaret Gandia, Letha Williams, Beatrice Katongan and James Munn
Fifth row: Thecla Ulroan, Crystal Meade, Chantelle Phillips, Heidi Gutierrez
Sixth row: Janice Troyer (Program Manager), Elizabeth Dougan and Sandi Ahlers
Last row: Siv Jonsson, Gertrude Heckman, Sherri Harvey, Amanda McCubrey and Aaron Knudsen
Not pictured: Xiao Guan, Carol Arriola