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Summer 2005

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Staff/Peer Mentor

Summer Institute Director

RQSI 2005 - Staff Dr. Patt Sandberg, Assistant Professor with UAA's Psychology Department, has served as the Raven's Quest Summer Institute (RQSI) Director for 3 years. In addition to teaching two courses during the Summer Institute (Cultural Diversity in Behavioral Health and Behavioral Health Practicum), Dr. Sandberg invited over 30 guest speakers to talk about cultural diversity, opportunities in the behavioral health field, and UA behavioral health academic programs. She also juggles a multitude of job shadowing sites with help from the Peer Mentors and provides endless academic and emotional support to Raven's Quest participants.

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors assisted the Summer Institute Director by leading academic skill building workshops and providing support to the Raven's Quest participants. Each Peer Mentor worked with a small group and assisted them with research methods, writing processes and group presentations. Additionally, the Peer Mentors played an important role serving as a liaison between the participants and staff at the various job shadowing sites.

RQSI 2005 - Staff

Jess Faber has been with Raven's Quest Summer Institute since the beginning. After the first Raven's Quest, he worked as a Peer Mentor through the academic year and assisted the Program Manager with recruitment activities. Jess, originally from Metlakatla, recently finished his Human Services degree and is currently working on his masters in Clinical Psychology. Jess is currently the Recruitment Coordinator for the Alaska Natives into Psychology program. He will be coordinating the high school presentations in Anchorage and possibly in villages in rural Alaska. Jess and his wife Lonnie enjoy creating wonderful pieces of art when they are not at work. Jess is also a part-time percussionist.

RQSI 2005 - Staff

Mirian Olivo has been with Raven's Quest Summer Institute for the past two summers. She also served as a Peer Mentor during this past academic year to the 2004 Raven's Quest Summer Institute graduates and helped the Program Manager in many recruitment activities. Mirian finished her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in the Spring of 2005. She also minored in Spanish and obtained a welding certificate; a woman of many talents! Mirian recently accepted a position as a Program Coordinator with the Alaska Food Bank. Mirian says, "I learned a lot from the Raven's Quest program. Working with the Summer Institute was the key to successfully beginning my professional career."

RQSI 2005 - Staff

Jolene Firmin was new to us as a Peer Mentor this year, but not new to Raven's Quest Summer Institute. Jolene was one of our original participants, and we were delighted to have her return in the role of Peer Mentor this year. Jolene is currently finishing up her bachelor's degree in Psychology. She is originally from Fort Yukon and hopes to return there someday. Jolene has been an active participant in the Alaska Natives into Psychology program during the academic year. In her spare time, Jolene likes to indulge in many crafts such as sewing, beadwork, crocheting and knitting.

RQSI 2005 - Staff

Rita Mahon was new to the Raven's Quest program this year. Rita recently finished up her Master of Social Work degree at UAA. Originally from Rhode Island, Rita has worked at UAA's Residence Life and has also been a Group Facilitator for YWCA's Girl's Circle after school program.

Program Manager

RQSI 2005 - Staff

As Program Manager, Janice Troyer is responsible for recruiting students statewide and coordinating the selection process for participants. She also oversees the logistics of the Summer Institute and supports the Summer Institute staff to ensure everything goes smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Janice has been with the program since its inception. When she is not at work during the summer, Janice especially enjoys going hiking and backpacking with her dog Midnight.