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Summer 2005

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Social Events

Social activities are an important component of Raven's Quest Summer Institute. Besides attending daily classes and participating in job shadowing experiences, Raven's Quest participants enjoyed spending time with one another. These activities included birthday potlucks, gift exchanges and occasional citywide events such as the Juneteenth Celebration and the AWAIC (Abused Women's Aid in Crisis) fair.

RQSI 2005 - Social Events


From left, Thecla Ulroan, Elizabeth Dougan, Gertrude Heckman, Darlene Riley and Sandi Ahlers help Dr. Patt Sandberg celebrate all January through June birthdays. (left)

RQSI 2005 - Social Events


Many friendships are formed at Raven's Quest Summer Institute. The bond created between Crystal Meade (left), Chantelle Phillips and Thecla Ulroan (right) is just one of many. Here they share their prizes at a recent gift exchange. (right)

RQSI 2005 - Social EventsRQSI 2005 - Social Events

Margaret Gandia (left) and Mia Leach enjoy the sun and socialize during a visit to the Alaska Native Heritage Center. (left)

Participants Kimberly Curtis (left), Margaret Gandia (middle) and Siv Jonsson wait patiently for a group photo in their brand new Raven's Quest Summer Institute 2005 t-shirts. (right) 

RQSI 2005 - Social EventsRQSI 2005 - Social Events
Raven's Quest participants teamed up to provide a delicious multicultural buffet for their friends, family and other members of the community during the Raven's Quest Completion Ceremony. (left)

It's a Peer Mentor reunion! From left, 2005 Peer Mentors Mirian Olivo and Jess Faber meet up with 2004 Peer Mentors Wesley Roberts and Jessica Ruck. (right)

RQSI 2005 - Social Events




Raven's Quest participants proudly present their completion certificates and roses at the end of the Completion Ceremony.