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Summer 2006

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Job Shadowing

Over the course of the summer, Raven's Quest students had the opportunity to participate in job shadowing at two different social service organizations in Anchorage. Students spent two weeks at each of their sites. During that time, they learned about the various jobs available in the behavioral health field. The sites that students were able to job shadow at this year were Ernie Turner Center, Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Dena A Coy, and Hope Community Resource.

RQSI 2006 - Job Shadowing

Raven's Quest students Renee Wise and Candace Fisher pose for a picture with Max and the Ernie Turner Center staff. Max is the center's resident therapy animal. (left)

Kimberley Brady and Alvin Aketachunak pose during a break at Hope Community Resource. (right)

RQSI 2006 - Job Shadowing
RQSI 2006 - Job Shadowing

Peer Mentor Turner Vail rides in the van with Raven's Quest students Kim Brady and Eva Slaton. University of Alaska vans transported students to and from the various job sites. (left)

Renee Wise and Candace Fisher get ready for a day at the Ernie Turner Center. (right)

RQSI 2006 - Job Shadowing