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Employment Tasks: Complete New Hire Paperwork

New Hire Steps

Congratulations on your appointment to teach for UAA. Your department contact will guide you through the hiring process. Keep his/her contact information handy. 

The hiring process step-by-step

Note: returning adjunct faculty will have an appointment letter for each semester they teach.  They should not need to complete new hire paperwork.
  1. Department contact gives you 
    1. Appointment letter
    2. New hire paperwork 
    3.  Additional forms to complete if you are a foreign national or are working from outside Alaska
  2.  You bring back to your department contact
    1.  Signed appointment letter (retain a copy for your records)
    2.  Completed new hire paperwork
    3.  Original documents for I9 proof of citizenship forms for department contact to verify
  3. Department contact turns in your hiring packet to Human Resources Services (HRS). All the paperwork must be completed so that HRS can set up payroll and assign your UA ID number and username
  4. Your UA ID number and username are created in Banner
  5. HRS informs department when they have completed their process
  6. Department administrative assistant requests your email and Blackboard access from IT Services
  7. In Banner, department administrative assistant adds you to the courses that you teach
  8. The next day, you have Blackboard access to your courses
  9. IT Services sets up your UAA email account and Blackboard access and then informs the the department administrative assistant
  10. (Highly suggested) You login to to change the default password for your username
  11. Department contact informs you when process is complete 

Patience and persistence are important. The new hire process can take longer than you think - particularly if you are hired at the beginning of a semester when everyone is extra busy. Ask your department contact for an update if things seem to be taking too long.  

If you have ever worked for or been a student at any University of Alaska campus, you already have a username and password - they may need to be reactivated.