Online Orientation for Adjunct Faculty: Planner

We hope this planner will help you succeed as an adjunct faculty member at UAA.

If you have just been assigned a class within a week of the first class meeting, check out Crash Course, then come back here when you catch your breath.

Please remember:

  • You are responsible to attend all classes or arrange make up classes.
  • It is often advisable to keep religious and political viewS out of the classroom.
  • You are not alone!  You have help - click on Resources for Adjunct Faculty at the left for suggestions.
  • We are grateful that you are teaching at UAA!

This planner is divided into 5 sections:

  • Two or more weeks before the start of classes
  • One week before the start of classes
  • First day of classes
  • During the semester
  • End of the semester

Each section has a recommended checklist of items. For the items prior to the start of the semester, the timing is only a suggestion.  

This planner was designed primarily for traditional on campus classes. Check out the Note on Distance Ed if you are teaching a distance class.

If there is something that you aren’t sure about, check out the Resources or the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the left . If you think something needs to be added to the planner, click on the Feedback link on the left.

Best wishes and thank you!