Online Planner 

One Week Prior to the Semester:
Set Up Blackboard

Here is a minimal list of tasks to do in Blackboard. See Blackboard Getting Started for a more extensive list.  Directions for these tasks are found in Getting Started.
  1. Post your syllabus to Blackboard
  2. Load documents and resources (at least for the first few weeks) into Blackboard
  3. Add an announcement in Blackboard and send it to your students
  4. Make class available in Blackboard
  5. Need help with Blackboard? 
    1. IT Services Call Center (907) 786-4646 or 877-633-3888, option 1. 
      • Monday – Friday: 6 am - Midnight
      • Saturday & Sunday: 8 am - 5 pm
    2. Academic Innovations and eLearning (907) 786-4496
      • Monday - Friday: 8 am - 5 pm
    3. Instructor Blackboard Resources - by the UAA Academic Innovations and eLearning
    4. Blackboard On Demand Videos - short, to the point how-to videos
    5. In your Blackboard shell
      • Instructor Help in the Course Menu has UAA-specific resources
      • Help at the bottom of the Control Panel has links to the Blackboard manual and to the On Demand Videos.
hint icon
Hint: One wise professor says that she tries to learn three - and only three - new Blackboard features each semester. Blackboard has many features - decide how much you want to learn.  If you take too many new things on, you may get overwhelmed. But, please, do try to learn at least one new thing this semester.

Student generally prefer to have documents and resources available in Blackboard.