Online Planner

Crash Course


This page is for you if you've just been assigned a course that starts in less than a week or has already started.

Here's the minimal checklist of items to get you started. When you've caught your breath, go back and review the planner.

  1. Get a recent syllabus for the course from your department contact. Unless you have taught this course before, it's probably easier to go with the plan in the syllabus at least for the first few weeks.
  2. Print the syllabus for your students or post it to Blackboard.
  3. Ask your department contact to get a desk copy of the textbook for you.
  4. Look at the roster in UAOnline - or as your department contact to print it for you.
  5. Determine the class activities and assignments for the first week.
  6. Find your classroom.
  7. If you are teaching on the main campus, buy a parking pass.
  8. Review the checklists on this site.
If you have a bit more time:
  1. Send a welcome email to your students from Blackboard.
  2. Add resources to the Blackboard shell for the class.