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Prior to Semester: Get a Copy of the Textbook

If you have just been hired to teach a class, the textbook has been selected. Federal law requires that textbooks be selected by the first day of registration so that students know the full cost of a semester - including the cost of books - when they register for classes.

How to find the textbook(s) for your course

  • Ask you department administrative assistant
  • Look on the shelves at the bookstore (Make sure you have your course section number)
  • Check the textbook lookup site (Make sure you have the course name and section number). Select the term, select the course. The book titles can be a bit obscure - just grab the ISBN number to search for the book.

How to get a desk or review copies of textbooks

Publishers usually issue a free copy of an adopted text to each instructor using the text, if requested. Ask your department administrative assistant (or academic coordinator at Eagle River) to request the copy.

Publisher resources

Textbook publishers have a wealth of material available on their websites. Some offer free test banks, online homework, videos, or case studies. Some have content that links directly into Blackboard (usually the students have to pay a fee for this). Feel free to use their resources to enrich your class!

If you will be teaching next semester

Your department administrative assistant knows the due dates for ordering books and will typically place your textbook orders with the bookstore. Here are the due dates for the bookstore as of April 2013:

Summer Semester  January 9

Fall Semester         February 15

Spring Semester      October 1