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Prior to Semester: Visit Your Classroom

It's a good idea to get a lay of the land before your class starts.

  1. In the class schedule confirm class dates and times.
    1. You can look in your teaching assignment in UAOnline or the online catalog.
  2. Check with your department assistant about the location of the room and whether it's locked or not.
  3. Find nearest parking lot.*
  4. Visit your classroom.
    1. Determine emergency exits from room.
    2. Verify if there is a phone in room.
    3. Ask your department contact for the location of the emergency convening point in the event of a building evacuation.
    4. Find the emergency exit.
    5. Verify audiovisual/tech in room. Call AV Services if you have questions on how to use the equipment.

*Parking alert: parking on the main campus during the day can be pretty hard to find. Plan to arrive early if you are teaching during the day at the main campus. 

If you are teaching a video conference class:

  1. Check with your department administrative assistant about logistics.
  2. Contact AV Services and/or OIT for help.