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A Note on Distance Education Classes


Distance classes come in many different flavors. Check with your department contact on how the course has been advertised to the students and what the expectations are in terms of:

  • Regular class meetings via Elive (a "synchronous" distance class)
  • No regular class meetings (an "asynchronous" distance class)
  • Non-mandatory class meetings via Elive 

The other classification of distance classes is how much of the course is "location based":

  • Traditional courses- 51% or more location-based delivery 
  • Blended courses - up to 50% location-based
  • eLearning courses - No location-based delivery
UAA also has a Distance Education Service that you have to sign up for a semester in advance with the course paperwork. The $38 fee to the student provides for:
  • Announcement to students
  • Coordination of test proctoring 

In Fall 2013, Distance Education Services is moving from IT Services to the Faculty Technology Center. Their services and offerings may change. Contact theFaculty Technology Center, (907) 786-4496, M - F 8 am - 5 pm.

Help is available at the Faculty Technology Center, (907) 786-4496, M - F 8 am - 5 pm.