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During the Semester:
Enrollment Management

The first two weeks of regular length semesters are the Add/Drop period. Check the academic calendar for the last day of the Add/Drop period for shorter length classes. Students can drop classes during the Add/Drop period and receive a full refund on tuition. During the Add/Drop period:

  1. If there are any students in your class that are not on the roster in UAOnline, ask them to register for the class.
  2. If you have not heard from or seen a student who is registered, you can withdraw him/her from the class and he/she will not be liable for tuition.

The Withdrawal period starts right after the Add/Drop period. During the withdrawal period, students can withdraw from the class -they will not get any refund and they will receive a "W" for a grade. Check the academic calendar for the beginning and end dates of the withdrawal period.

If a student stops coming to class, you have these choices until the end of the Withdrawal period:

  1. Ask the student to withdraw via email or phone (you may or may not get a response)
  2. Use the online form to withdraw him/her from the class. The student will receive a "W" as a grade for this class.
If a student has stopped coming to class and has not withdrawn, you must give him/her a grade at the end of the semester:
  1. F for failing the class or
  2. NB (No Basis) for not having completed enough work to be graded.
A last date of attendance is required for F and NB grades.