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During the Semester:
Prepare for the IDEA Course Evaluation

UAA uses an online course evaluation tool called IDEA. The course evaluation data provides useful information to the university and to you. Students will access the IDEA survey via a link that becomes active at the end of the semester in the Blackboard shell.

You have the opportunity to customize the survey to give you specific information on the learning objectives that most interest you via the Faculty Information Form (FIF). You can also add open-ended questions to the form. 

In fall 2013, UAA will begin using short form of the IDEA evaluation for students.  

What you need to know: 

  1. You will receive emails to your UAA email account reminding you to customize the survey for your class by completing the Faculty Information Form (FIF).
  2. The survey has default open and close dates.
  3. Only registered students see the survey. You cannot see the survey to know that it’s live.
  4. On the IDEA website, students see the open surveys for all their classes.
  5. You can change the open/close dates if your course is not the standard length. 
  6. IDEA surveys are created for classes with enrollments of more than 10 students. You can request a survey for a class within fewer than 10 students. (new, Fall 2013)
  7. You can request surveys for two classes to be grouped (especially useful if the classes have 10 or fewer students).
  8. You can request the long diagnostic form of the survey.
  9. To change survey options, contact IT Services at 786-4646 or
  10. This document explains how to complete the FIF.

Hint: Take a few minutes as soon as you can to complete the FIF. Weekly reminders will be sent to you until you complete the FIF or the survey opens to students.

For more information, see the IDEA site by Faculty Services.