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During the Semester

You're in the groove or maybe just a few days ahead of your students (we've all had semesters like that). Now that the semester is rolling, here are a few items to help things go smoothly:
  1. Teaching
  2. Enrollment Management
  3. Course Evaluation
Remember, it's ok to ask for help. You can ask your department contact for advice or consider these resources:
  1. Disruptive student - contact the Careteam to file a report or, if it's really serious, the Campus Police at 786-1120
  2. Academic integrity - contact the Judicial Officer in the Dean of Students' office
  3. Technology issues - contact the IT Call Center at 786-4646, option 1 or 877-633-3888, option 1
  4. New ideas for teaching with technology - contact the Faculty Technology Center at 786-4646