Online Orientation for Adjunct Faculty

Student Support Resources  

Here are resources you can refer a student to if he or she needs support to be successful in your class.
  1. Suicide Prevention resources are provided by the UAA Integrated Suicide Prevention Initiative, led by the Center for Behavioral Health Research and Services.  The site includes risk factors, warning signs, when to act, what to say, and suggested syllabus language.
  2. Academic Advising provides students with guidance on their education plans. There may also be advising in your department. Check with your department chair or administrative assistant.
  3. Dean of Students supports students in achieving academic and personal success. The office assists students in resolution of problems, provides information and referrals about campus resources and more.
  4. Disability Support Services (DSS) coordinates the support services for UAA students who experience disabilities.
  5. Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides learning support services to promote student achievement and success. Support areas include academic reading, writing, math, and study strategies. Textbooks, course readings, study aids, computer programs, and videos placed on reserve by their professors are available for checkout.
Additionally, the Care Team promotes a safe and productive learning environment. Please submit a Care Report if a student is exhibiting inappropriate, unusual, and/or concerning behavior.