Penny Kimball Employee of the quarter recognition

Penny Kimball

Bookstore Director


Employee of the 4th Quarter FY15

UAA's bookstore has become far more than simply a place to buy textbooks, thanks to Penny Kimball. As the Bookstore Director, she utilizes her multitasking and leadership skills to constantly improve the bookstore. Penny is dedicated to listening to the UAA community and making the bookstore an even more integral part of the university. Her work at the bookstore has improved the quality of service for students, staff, and faculty. Her innovative leadership engages her employees and creates a dynamic work environment. We thank Penny for her excellent work and congratulate her accomplishments. 


Darrel Redick

Police Officer

University Police Department

Employee of the 3rd Quarter FY15


          People like University Police Officer, Darrel Redick, are hard to replace. With more than twenty years of experience and a humble personality, Darrel has brought not only just a sense of safety to the university, but also a vast amount of knowledge about daily life, positive health, and success to the students and staff. When it comes to intoxicated students, he  exceeds expectations by revisiting them when they're sober and teaching them about the dangers of alcohol abuse. He goes out of his way to educate them about the resources both on campus and within the Anchorage community. It is important for Darrel to make sure that the students are listened to and led down the path of future success and good health. Thank you for all of your hard work and the care you put into making the students and staff feel safe and respected, Darrel!



0021          0631

Falon Harkins
Associate Director
Parking Services
Employee of the 2nd Quarter FY15
Jamie Mohr 
OnBase System Administrator
Financial Services
Employee of the 2nd Quarter FY15
Since he first started working here in July 2013, Falon Harkins has made significant contributions to the University. Having never coordinated a project with several moving parts, Falon took on the challenge to oversee the installation of a quarter of a million dollar project in which all the pay n park machines on campus were replaced. He rose above and beyond and came up with solutions to overcome product design issues. In addition, he has made improvements to the handheld units for officer use and the parking service app mobile portal. Though Falon is hard at work trying to initiate a pay-by-cell solution to allow drivers to purchase parking time from their cell phones, he still allocates time to volunteer on the UAA CCERT/VIPS team. Thank you for your outstanding work, Falon!
When push came to shove for the UAA HR department, Jamie Mohr was there to save the day. In need of a way to index multiple documents into OnBase and retrieve documents that were both housed in paper files and the electronic filing system, Jamie Mohr used his innovative thinking skills to come up with a simple solution. As put by one of his colleagues, "He put together a way to connect documents so that even though they were housed separately, a simple double-click would retrieve documents that were submitted to HR at the same time." His solutions were so popular for UAA that it made its way to the UAF campus, too, leading to an immense amount of money and time saved, as well as the need for paper. Congratulations, Jamie! You've earned it!



 RESIZED Awarding Picture with Colin and Bill 2

Colin Clausson

Electrical Supervisor

Facilities & Campus Services

Employee of the 1st Quarter FY15


For 25 years, Colin Clausson has provided outstanding service to the electrical department of Facilities Maintenance and Operations. With a range of experiences from electrical systems to fire suppression and automated controls to energy sufficiency, Colin has exemplified what it really means to be dependable and hardworking. When changes took place, he took them head on and embraced the new technology, standing as an example for all the other supervisors to follow. Colin is retiring on October 31st, making this year his final year. He will surely be missed here at UAA, especially for his friendly nature and self-deprecating humor. Congratulations, Colin!

EOTQ Donna

Donna Bozeman

Lead HR Technician

Employee of the 4th Quarter FY14

With all of the challenges that the HR Records and Systems team has faced this past year, Donna Bozeman rose to the occasion and continued to have a positive and upbeat attitude. She will not complain or say that any task is too hard, instead she will be pro-active in finding a solution. Donna was charged with finding a new and more efficient way to do quality audits of data entry into Banner, and took an active role in doing so. She is an incredibly valuable asset to HR and to the University as a whole. Congratulations, Donna!



                               Glenn Thomas

Glenn Thomas

Refrigeration Technician

Facilities Maintenance and Operations

Employee of the 3rd Quarter FY14

In this past fiscal year alone, Glenn Thomas has put in 370 hours of maintenance on the pool and the ice rink. He will work often after hours and on weekends if needed to make sure everything is in working order. The Facilities team can count on Glenn whenever they need him to answer dispatch emergencies all over campus, and they know they can trust his knowledge. He is a very dedicated member of their team and always willing to help where needed. Congratulations Glenn, and we all appreciate your hard work!




                              Les Secrest

Les Secrest

Audio Visual Services Team Leader

Information Technology Services

Employee of the 2nd Quarter FY14

Les consistently demonstrates his stellar project management skills among many others, and exceeds all expectations in every aspect of his job. He has been assigned over sixty-five projects in the past year and with each one he displayed his dedication by staying after hours and going above and beyond with his team leading skills. He has done so without any customer service complaints, and also staying within budget. Thank you for all your hard work, Les!






TJ Jindra

Assistant Hockey Coach

Athletics Department

Employee of the 1st Quarter - FY14

TJ has continued to go above and beyond in the Athletics Department after a summer of difficulties. His dedication to the hockey team has positively effected both his coworkers and student-athletes. His friendly attitude makes him very easy to work with as he is a hard worker both during the on and off-season. Congratulations and thank you TJ for all of your hard work!




Paul Honeman

Police Officer

University Police Department

Employee of the 1st Quarter - FY14

Paul was released from his training at UPD just before the start of the Fall Semester, and has already made an outstanding impression on the University and it's students. His self initiation and positive attitude shine through even after only being on campus for a few months. Congratulations Paul and thank you for being such a great example!



Steve Hinds

Senior Human Resource Services Coordinator and Training Manager
Human Resource Services
Employee of the 4th Quarter - FY13

Steve was overwhelmingly nominated by his peers due to his positivity, enthusiasm, and thoughtfulness. He brings an extraordinary level of excellence and diversity in problem solving to all projects and hurdles that he faces. His ability to pursue and achieve the best outcome for his peers and for the university as a whole is admirable. With a strong commitment to serve underlying everything Steve does, it's no wonder he was voted Employee of the 4th Quarter. Congratulations, Steve!



Kevin Stevenson
Patrol Officer 
University Police Department 
Employee of the 3rd Quarter FY13

Kevin Stevenson has proudly served with the UPD for 9 years. It is his contagious enthusiasm and self-motivation that has made him a valuable team player and obvious nominee for the Employee of the 3rd Quarter. Kevin is known for going above and beyond the call of duty both professionally and as a volunteer; putting in long hours, assisting with important cases, and truly setting an example for what "service before self" means. Thank you for your service, Kevin! Your representation of UAA is admirable and appreciated!




Kevin McConnell
Facilities and Campus Services
Employee of the 2nd Quarter FY13 

Kevin was selected by his peers for his exceptional dedication and willingness to go that extra mile. The Facilities Maintenance Plumbing Shop was short-handed for an extended period. During this period Kevin has stepped up numerous times above the call of duty to correct plumbing problems across campus. Just before the holiday a large circulation pump developed a fairly significant leak at the WFSC. Kevin and crew volunteered to stay and make repairs, with Kevin assuming a leadership role. Repairs were accomplished in short order without interruption to the facility and leaving it in good shape for the holiday. Thank you for your hard work, Kevin!

TraunGreen (2)

Traun Green
Emergency Dispatcher
University Police Department
Employee of the 1st Quarter FY13

 Traun was selected by his peers for his exemplary work with the University Police Department. When Anchorage was hit in early September with a large scale wind storm, UAA was thrust into darkness and left without reliable access to radios, telephones, or electricity. Traun could have gone home after his shift, yet he chose to stay and assist the on-coming dispatcher by working to assist and alert Housing, UAA staff, the Anchorage Police and Fire Departments, as well as UPD officers to emergency and awareness updates and notifications. Traun is an appreciated and respected associate with our UPD, whose perseverance and accountability truly makes a difference for our campus. Thank you for your commitment, Traun!


Ron Swartz
University Police Department
Employee of the 4th Quarter FY12

Lieutenant Swartz is assigned to both the Police Department, and is the Emergency Manager. As Police Lieutenant he takes on several responsibilities such as lead instructor for CPR/First Aid, acting Chief in the event the Chief and Deputy Chief are out, assists in special projects, and provides guidance for new hires. As the Emergency Manager, he schedules and conducts all building evacuation drills, tests campus fire alarms, and works closely with State and National Homeland Security to provide training for staff and faculty, as well as other community members. He wears many, many hats, and is an extremely hardworking, dedicated and valuable member of UPD. Congratulations Ron!


Brad Munn 
Deputy Chief
University Police Department
Employee of the 3rd Quarter FY12

Deputy Chief Munn is one of the hardest working employees at the University Police Department. He works tirelessly on any task assigned to him and is able to fulfill the duties of other employees and supervisors in their absence. Over the past several years, Deputy Chief Munn has completed the FBI National Academy and the Northwestern Police Command School. He has set a high standard of integrity and professionalism not only at UPD, but across UAA campus through his frequent interactions with other departments, staff, faculty and students. Congratulations Deputy Chief Munn!


Roger Frierson
Police Officer
University Police Department
Employee of the 2nd Quarter FY12 

Officer Frierson is one of the most dependable officers that the University Police Department employs. He has an impeccable attendance record and is always available when it is necessary to work overtime to complete a job. Officer Frierson is one of the original Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) instructors, and has made himself available to almost every class UPD has hosted. He is also frequently called upon by the Anchorage Police Department to assist in training new recruits. He is a valued member of the UPD team who is committed to making UAA a safer place to work and study. Congratulations Officer Frierson!




Jack Anderson
Facilities and Campus Services; Facilities Maintenance
Employee of the 1st Quarter FY12

Jack has been employed with the University for 23 years with Facilities Maintenance and Operations and represents what a strong work ethic, unwavering service, and strong leadership skills are all about. His knowledge and qualifications significantly lead the department through even the most tedious of jobs, allowing them to positively impact the entire campus. Jack is one who leads by example and is truly a respected member of the University. Thank you, Jack!




Sara Braniff
Accounts Payable and Travel
Employee of the 4th Quarter FY11 

Sara brings a new level of upbeat professionalism that the Accounts Payable team could not thrive without! Her organization, inspiring attitude, and willingness to take on extra work have not gone unnoticed. During the busiest time of the year she has stepped up to the task of operating under an increase in workload with important deadlines with ease, and proficiency, and a smile. Thank you for your dedication, Sara!




Sherry Lane
Accounts Payable and Travel
Employee of the 4th Quarter FY11


Sherry’s efficiency and hard work has set the bar high in her department. Without her steady and effective work ethic the University as a whole would not operate as smoothly. She is known as being a valuable member of the Accounts Payable team who is able to tackle difficult projects, manage tricky situations, and complete large workloads for the department in a resourceful manner. Thank you for all that you do, Sherry!


P4250015 Pete


Pete Garcia
Facilities and Campus Services
Employee of the 3rd Quarter FY11 


Pete has been nominated by his peers for the incredible effort he puts into every task he takes on. He is a dependable worker with a fantastic personality to match. He is known for going above and beyond what is asked of him to complete a project or handle a situation with a positive solution. His ability to solve problems in a well-organized manner with a smile on his face, even in the trickiest of situations, is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all of your hard work, Pete!


P4220013 Nick

Nick Herrick
Office of Sustainability
Employee of the 3rd Quarter FY11

Nick has worked as the Recycling Director and has established an organized method from which the department bases their recycling sites upon. His leadership,initiative ideas, and customer service skills have allowed Sustainability to better serve the University in every capacity by producing high quality results. His innovative and outstanding ideas have included coordinating sustainable education shops across campus, which has impacted student life in a positive way as well. Thank you for your passionate commitment to the University, Nick!


Megan Award 1

Megan Bladow
University Housing, Dining, Conference Services
Employee of the 2nd Quarter FY11


Megan is known for her impressive ability to maintain several projects at a time, while delivering excellent customer service. In a not so small way, Megan's efforts benefit the entire the campus, not only Housing, Dining, and Conference Services. Her positive attitude, respect for her co-workers, and reliability provide her with the means to be a strong leader. Thank you, Megan!


Employees of the 1st Quarter FY11 Cheri Goenner


Cheri Goenner
University Parking Services
Employee of the 1st Quarter FY11


Cheri has stepped up to the task of taking on a new position and thrived within it. She learned her new responsibilities quickly, and from there improved upon what she had to work with. Her innovative ideas have improved her departments’ accuracy and efficiency, while also saving the University time and money. Her ability to excel has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for your dedication, Cheri!


Employees of the 1st Quarter FY11 Glenna Schoening


Glenna Shoening (Muncy)
University Parking Services
Employee of the 1st Quarter FY11


Glenna is known for her welcoming demeanor, amazing customer service, and appreciation of her coworkers. She has provided smooth transitions for her department with staff changes, as well as encouraged sustainable practices within the office. Her ability to pilot important programs not only benefits Parking Services, but the University as a whole. She is an invaluable member of the team. Thank you, Glenna!


Yijie Duan(cropped1)


Yijie Duan
University Bookstore
Student Employee of the 1st Quarter FY11


Yijie is known as an exemplary worker within the Bookstore. Her dedication to her tasks and ability to work effectively and diligently are an irreplaceable asset to her department. She is an exceptional member of the team. Thank you for your hard work, Yijie!