Military and Veteran Student Admissions

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If you are a military service member, veteran or family member, the following military/veteran student information is for you.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for military, veteran and family-affiliated applicants are the same as other first-year, transfer or graduate students:

  • First-year
    If you are a current high school student or graduate who has never attended college or if you have earned less than 24 semester college credits at other institutions, you are considered a first-year applicant.

    Bachelor Degree Programs

    • High school graduation or GED
    • Minimum high school GPA of 2.5*

    *Students with a 2.0–2.5 GPA may be admitted to certain baccalaureate programs.

    Certificate/Associate Degree Programs

    • High school graduation or GED
    • No minimum GPA requirement
  • Transfer
    If you have attended college or university after you earned a high school diploma or GED, you are considered a transfer student.

    Bachelor Degree Programs

    • High school graduation or GED
    • Minimum college/university GPA of 2.0*

    *Students with a 1.75–2.0 combined college GPA may be admitted to certain baccalaureate programs.

    Certificate/Associate Degree Programs

    • High school graduation or GED
    • No minimum GPA requirement
  • Graduate

    General Graduate Requirements

    All graduate programs require an awarded baccalaureate degree from an institutionally accredited institution for admission.

    Program-Specific Requirements

    Each graduate program has specific requirements for admission, which may include additional application materials such as your resume, references, writing samples, specific entrance exams, etc. GPA requirements also vary by program; generally a 3.0 GPA minimum is required.

    Visit the Graduate School for more information.

Military Friendly® 2023-24 Gold School Designation

Exclamation mark in calendar squareImportant Dates


September 15Application Open (of the previous year)

July 15Application Deadline 

August 15Late Application Deadline


February 15Application Open (of the previous year)

November 15Application Deadline

December 15Late Application Deadline 


June 15Application Open (of the previous year)

May 1Application Deadline 

June 15Late Application Deadline

For class start dates, add/drop deadlines and other important information, see the Office of the Registrar Dates and Deadlines.

Educational Benefits and Tuition

Students with the following military affiliations are eligible for resident tuition rates:

  • Active duty United States military and their spouse and dependent children
  • United States veterans eligible for a Veterans Administration education benefit, and their spouse and dependent children
  • Members of the National Guard and Reservists, their spouses and dependent children, regardless of whether they yet qualify as residents of the state under any other requirements

Visit UAA Military & Veteran Student Services for more information about utilizing VA Educational Benefits.

Transfer Military Credits

UAA accepts credits from Joint Services Transcript (JST), which includes:

  • Officer and Warrant Officer training,
  • joint military training conducted by other services,
  • DANTES funded test scores, and
  • the Air University/Community College of the Air Force.

Military Flat-rate Tuition

Current active duty service members, reserves, and national guard members are eligible for tuition to be capped at a $250 per credit maximum and all student fees will be waived. This waiver does not apply to course or lab fees. The military flat-rate tuition does not apply for graduate tuition or for dependents.

Admission Checklist

Gold checklist boxApply for Veteran Education Benefits or Begin Military Tuition Assistance Process

Veteran Education Benefits

Although not needed for admission to UAA, if you are planning on using your Veteran education benefits, it is best to first apply for your education benefits. See the Veteran Education Benefits checklist on the UAA Military and Veteran Student Services page that applies to you: prospective/new students or transfer students.

Military Tuition Assistance

Although not needed for admission to UAA, if you are planning on using military tuition assistance, please see the Military Tuition Assistance checklist on the UAA Military and Veteran Student Services page that applies to you: prospective/new students or transfer students.

Gold checklist boxComplete an Admission Application

The online application takes about 15–30 minutes to complete. The undergraduate program application is free (a $25 fee is assessed for applications received during the late application period); the graduate program application fee is $75. You will create an account that will let you save your application and log back in any time to complete your application, upload additional admission documents, and check on your application status.

Application Portal 


Gold checklist boxSubmit Transcripts

Once you submit your application, the required transcripts that you need to provide will be listed. Here are some transcripts that you may be asked to provide:

  • High school transcript: If you earned fewer than 24 college-level credits after graduating high school, you'll be required to submit an official final high school transcript. Anchorage School District graduates can order transcripts online with the Anchorage School District request for transcripts form.
  • GED transcript: If you earned fewer than 24 college-level credits after earning your GED, you'll be required to submit an official GED score report issued from the state which awarded the GED. Students who earned their GED in Alaska can request an official GED transcript using the State of Alaska GED Transcript Request form.
  • College transcript: UAA requires official final transcripts from every institutionally accredited institution you attended, including attendance during high school. If you are currently taking a college course, an in-progress transcript can be submitted for admission; the final transcript is required after grades are posted. Transcripts are not required from any University of Alaska campus.
  • Joint Services Transcript: UAA accepts credits from Joint Services Transcript (JST). Once you've been admitted to UAA and submitted all of your transcripts, the Registrar's Office will complete an official transfer evaluation and evaluate documented military credit. Please reference the Military Credit webpage for steps to transfer military credits.
For how to order a secure electronic transcript or mail an official paper transcript, see further information on the Transcripts for Admission page.


Gold checklist boxRecommended: Submit Test Scores

Your ACT or SAT test scores are not required for admission but we strongly recommend you submit them for writing and communication course placement.

  • UAA SAT Code: 4896
  • UAA ACT Code: 0137


Gold checklist boxCheck Application Status

After you submit your application, you'll receive an email confirmation and further instructions. Once we receive all required documentation, we'll review your application. This usually takes 1–2 weeks. If you have not heard from us after two weeks, please contact the Office of Admissions at


Gold checklist boxNext Steps

Once you've submitted your application, make sure to check out the New Student Checklist, which will guide you on preparing for the first day of class. Also, contact UAA Military and Veteran Student Services, who will help you as you get started at UAA.


Postponed Admission

You may postpone your admission once for up to one year by submitting a Request to Postpone Admission form to the Office of Admissions prior to the deadline:

  • Fall Postponement Admission Deadline: August 15
  • Spring Postponement Admission Deadline: December 15
  • Summer Postponement Admission Deadline: June 15
Don't have an active UAOnline/SSO login yet? You can email Admissions at instead.