Baking and Pastry Arts

This OEC will prepare students to perform basic tasks related to baking and pastry arts in the culinary and hospitality industry.


Anchorage Needs Baking and Pastry Arts

Completion of the Baking and Pastry Arts Occupational Endorsement Certificate will provide graduates with the required skills and knowledge to gain employment in the culinary and hospitality industry.


Course of Study

After applying and being admitted, students will complete the following courses to receive this certificate. For more information see Admission Requirements for OEC Programs and General University Requirements for OEC Programs.

Course Title Credits
CA A104 Sanitation 2
CA A111 Bakery Skill Development Laboratory 4
CA A202 Advanced Bakery 4
CA A490 Artisan Breads 1
CA A490 Baking with Alternative Ingredients 1
CA A490 Basic and Classic Cakes 1
CA A490 Special Occasion Cakes 1
CA A490 Chocolates and Confections 1
CA A490 Art of Confectionary Centerpieces 1
  Total: 16



Whitney Flores