This OEC will prepare students to record and analyze accounting transactions. Students will gain a fundamental understanding of current and long-term assets and current and long-term liabilities. In addition, students will gain experience with a computerized accounting program, such as QuickBooks Online.


Companies Need Bookkeepers

The Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) 2019 Real-Time Job Intelligence Report lists Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks in the top 10 positions that are more sought-after in Anchorage than anywhere else in the nation. In addition, Accounting is ranked second in job ads for Anchorage. There were 579 ads for bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks in Anchorage in 2019. In addition, bookkeeping knowledge is valued nationwide.


Course of Study

After applying and being admitted, students will complete the following courses to receive this certificate. For more information see Admission Requirements for OEC Programs and General University Requirements for OEC Programs.

Course Title Credits
ACCT A101 Principles of Financial Accounting I 3
ACCT A102 Principles of Financial Accounting II 3
ACCT A222 Introduction to Computerized Accounting 3
BA A151 Business Foundations 3
CIOS A135A Spreadsheets 1: MS Excel 1
CIS A110 Computer Concepts in Business 3
  Total: 16



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