Students will develop an entrepreneurial approach enabling them to launch new ventures or to manage and grow small businesses and they will learn to create strategic businesses.


Anchorage Needs Entrepreneurship

A 2018 University of Alaska Center for Economic Development (CED) report states that "new firms have created roughly 4,000 to 6,000 jobs each year in Alaska since 2005. The statewide recession that began in 2015 did not noticeably diminish this trend, as new businesses added about 4,350 jobs in 2017." In addition, "over the last decade, startups in Alaska consistently added 4,000 to 6,000 jobs to the economy each year. Firms that are aged five years or younger accounted for 89% of Alaska’s net employment growth in the private sector" (CED, 2018). Over 60% of Alaska business owners did not previously own another business suggesting a market to educate business owners on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.


Course of Study

After applying and being admitted, students will complete the following courses to receive this certificate. For more information see Admission Requirements for OEC Programs and General University Requirements for OEC Programs.

Course Title Credits
BA A166 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 3
BA A286 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 3
BA A386 The Startup Venture 3
Choose 9 credits from the following list, and/or from interest area by advisement 9
ACCT A201 Principles of Financial Accounting  
BA A131 Personal Finance  
BA A151 Business Foundations  
BA A215 Introduction to Real Estate Management  
BA A231 Fundamentals of Supervision  
BA A260 Marketing Practices  
BA A264 Personal Selling  
CIS A110 Computer Concepts in Business  
  Total: 18



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