Fast Track Career Certificates

New job openings and career advancement opportunities are emerging daily as industries adapt to the changing landscape of Alaska’s economy and workforce demand. In response, UAA strategically packaged existing courses to introduce a suite of new certificate programs that help Alaskans retool rapidly and acquire new skills that help them re-enter the workforce or energize their career. Each of these programs can be completed in three semesters or less.

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Person stands in front of high performance car with tools

Automotive Engine Performance

This certificate prepares students for employment as specialty technicians in the automotive maintenance and repair industry. In Alaska, demand for automotive specialty technicians remains strong, with over 200 annual openings in the state and salaries averaging over $50,000 annually.

  • 19 credits (2 semesters)
Woman repairs breaks on a truck

Automotive Specialist

This certificate prepares students for employment in automotive repair shops with a specific emphasis on brake and electrical repair tasks. Demand for automotive specialty technicians remains strong in Alaska, with over 200 annual openings in the state and salaries that average over $50,000 annually.

  • 16 credits (1 or 2 semesters)

Baker prepares loaves of bread on trays

Baking and Pastry Arts

This certificate prepares students for employment in the culinary and hospitality industry with a special emphasis on bakery and pastry arts. Demand for this profession is strong, with over 300 annual openings in culinary and bakery industries.

  • 16 credits (2 semesters)
Person reviews paperwork with UAA pencil


This certificate prepares students for employment in business offices, accounting firms, government offices and more. There are more than 250 annual openings for these job titles in Alaska and salaries range from $29,000 to $47,000.

  • 16 credits (2-3 semesters)
Person presenting to team from presentation

Business Leadership

This certificate provides general preparation for supervisory and leadership positions across a very wide array of industries and is a great step toward promotion or career advancement. Demand for front-line supervisors in office and administrative settings is extremely strong, with over 400 annual openings in the state and an average salary of more than $62,000.

  • 16 credits (1 or 2 semesters)
Student works in GIS software while watching professor lecture

Geographic Information Systems

This program prepares students to understand the fundamentals of geospatial science and master practical skills required in the field of geospatial industry.

  • 18 credits (3 semesters)

Business owner sitting next to products (dresses)



In this unique certificate program, students develop a customized entrepreneurial approach enabling them to launch new ventures or manage and grow small businesses. They will learn to network and create strategic business plans while developing skills in team-building, acquiring and managing resources and capitalizing on new opportunities.

  • 18 credits (2 or 3 semesters)
Adult smiling to a small child at table

Infant and Toddler Development

This certificate prepares students to fill positions working with infants and toddlers and their families in a variety of childcare, family care and Early Head Start settings. The program also aligns with the Statewide Early Childhood Career Ladder and may be tied to advancement or promotion for professionals already working in childcare and other early childhood settings.

  • 18 credits (2 semesters)
  • Writing placement required
One person standing over a computer showing another person how to use it

IT Support Desk Technician

This certificate prepares students to fill entry level positions in information technology as desktop support technicians or help desk technicians. There are over 100 openings in Alaska for user support and network support technicians with salaries averaging over $55,000.

  • 17-19 credits (2 semesters)
Oil rig in the ocean

Petroleum Production

This certificate prepares students to work as entry-level petroleum production technicians, which helps fill the need for trained, skilled professionals in the growing oil and gas process industry. These skills are essential due to OSHA Process Safety Management rules that require verifiable training for industries identified as potentially hazardous, including petroleum production.

NOTE: Requires some in-person credit at Kenai Peninsula College. Course offerings are listed in the schedule under the Kenai Peninsula campus.

  • 12 credits (1 or 2 semesters)
Professor teaches students about various occupational safety items

Safety Specialist

Completion of this program provides the prerequisite skills and knowledge needed to pursue opportunities with local employers in the field of occupational safety and incident prevention. In Alaska, there are about 50 openings annually for entry-level safety technicians, with annual salaries averaging $56,000.

  • 16-18 credits (2-3 semesters)
Person sitting on a table in the woods while working on a laptop with a headset

Virtual Communication Skills

This certificate prepares students to meet the demands of local, state and national businesses and industries for remote work office professionals in an ever-increasing online, remote-working environment. There are over 1,000 annual openings for administrative assistants and executive assistants in Alaska, with average salaries of $41,000-$55,000.

  • 16 credits (1 or 2 semesters)
Finger points to projection of computer code on the wall

Web Engineering

This certificate prepares students to fill positions as web designers or bolster their office and administrative skill set. Students learn programming and scripting languages as well as web design skills that equip them to fill annual openings for full-time web developers or stand out when applying for positions or promotions that require web development and design skills.

NOTE: Courses in this program are offered online and listed in the schedule under the Prince William Sound College.

  • 16 credits (1 or 2 semesters)