Petroleum Production

This OEC will prepare students to work as an entry-level petroleum production technician. This is a continuing need in the upstream oil and gas process industry as older production technicians retire out and create a promotion opportunity. The current entry-level petroleum production technician is then promoted, and an entry-level job opportunity becomes available. But, without training and verified skills, a person will rarely ever be hired or even promoted even if they are already working.

NOTE: Requires some in-person credit at Kenai Peninsula College. Course offerings are listed in the schedule under the Kenai Peninsula campus.


Alaska Needs Petroleum Production Technicians

Knowledgeable upstream petroleum production operators are needed to ensure safety and environmental integrity during production processes. This skill set would provide increased job security and meet a continuing need as oil and gas production recovers and increases in production rates in the future. The OEC would also provide an entry pathway to the Petroleum Certificate and the Process Technology AAS.


Course of Study

After applying and being admitted, students will complete the following courses to receive this certificate. For more information see Admission Requirements for OEC Programs and General University Requirements for OEC Programs.

Course Title Credits
PETR A155 Process Industry Basics 3
PRT A110 Introduction to Process Technology 3
PRT A160 Oil and Gas Exploration and Production 3
PRT A260 Oil and Gas Exploration and Production II 3
  Total: 12



Henry Haney (KPC)


NOTE: This program is not financial aid eligible.