Web Engineering

This certificate prepares students to fill positions as web designers or bolster their office and administrative skill set. Students learn programming and scripting languages as well as web design skills that equip them to fill annual openings for full-time web developers or stand out when applying for positions or promotions that require web development and design skills.

NOTE: Courses in this program are offered online and listed in the schedule under Prince William Sound College.


Course of Study

After applying and being admitted, students will complete the following courses to receive this certificate. For more information see Admission Requirements for OEC Programs and General University Requirements for OEC Programs.

Course Title Credits
CS A109 Computer Programming (Languages Vary) 3
TECH A120 Commercial Web Page Development 3
TECH A125 Web Database Systems 3
TECH A222 Client-Side Scripting Languages 3
TECH A227 Server-Side Scripting Languages 3
UNIV A190 Selected Topics: Success in Online Activities 1
  Total: 16