World Education Services

Since  January 1, 2013, UAA has been working exclusively with World Education Services for foreign transcript and credential evaluation. Click the link below for information or to request an evaulation.
What this means is that students will not send foreign transcripts directly to UAA. The transcript itself will be sent to WES for their evaluation, then WES will send a report to UAA. 
  • This step is required for all international university/college-level transcripts regardless of language. 
  • International high school transcripts not available in English from the original institution must also be translated/evaluated.
  • High school transcripts printed in English by the issuing institution do not require translation/evaluation.

International Course Credit and Degree Evaluations 

Helpful WES Links:

Frequently Asked Questions
Document Requirements 
Apply for an Evaluation

If you have any further questions please, let us know!


International Student Services 

Please visit our International Student Services website to learn more about the application and admission process for international students.