Quick Response (QR) Codes

QR code to UAA websiteA Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional code that can be read by a QR reader and smart phones with QR code reader software. QR code reader software is freely available for common smart phones such as Android and iPhone.

QR codes on printed materials allow users to scan your QR code which takes them to your website or adds contact information to their smart phone. For example, if a user scans the QR code on the right, it will take them to the UAA website homepage.


Generate your own QR codes

University Advancement is currently using the ZXing (pronounced "zebra crossing")  QR code generator to create links to general UAA website destinations listed below. You can read about the ZXing project here.

Generate your own QR codes here.


UAA QR Codes

The following QR codes provide a URL to the UAA homepage, the UAA Facebook page, the UAA YouTube channel or the UAA Twitter feed. QR codes are presented in three sizes for each URL.

To download a QR code, Right+click or <Ctrl>+Click (Windows) or <apple/command>+Click (Mac) the image to save the image to your computer.

UAA Homepage QR Code

UAA QR code - large  UAA QR code - medium 
UAA QR code - small 


UAA Facebook page QR Code

UAA Facebook QR code - large  UAA Facebook page QR code - medium 
 UAA Facebook page QR code - small


UAA YouTube Channel QR Code

UAA YouTube channel QR code - large  UAA YouTube channel QR code - medium 
UAA YouTube channel QR code - small 


UAA Twitter feed QR Code

UAA Twitter feed QR code - large  UAA Twitter feed QR code - medium 
UAA Twitter feed QR code - small