About us, University Relations

The University Relations staff is made up of a group of public relations, writing, electronic media, photography and graphic design professionals whose job it is to tell UAA’s story through various mediums. As the media landscape has changed over the past few years, so has the way we share the news of what’s happening at UAA. Though we still use many of the traditional channels to “get the word out,” we have a strong Web 2.0 presence in the virtual world as well.

When you request assistance from the University Relations team, we will recommend the best and most effective way to communicate your message on behalf of UAA using the tools we have available to us. We will also assist you with media responses, interviews and clear messaging.
Here are just a few of the things University Relations does at UAA:

  • Media relations
  • Media/interview training
  • Crisis communications
  • Audio podcasts
  • Web 2.0 consultations
  • Electronic presentation consultations
  • Green & Gold Daily
  • Marketing/advertising
  • Brochure design and/or consultation
  • Logo/image design and standards
  • Special event photography for public relations/marketing purposes
  • Accolades publication
  • Writing/editing of select communications

Please feel free to give us a call if you need assistance with or guidance about an upcoming event, news story, media interview, or any other marketing/public relations project.

Assistant Vice Chancellor for University Relations
Kristin DeSmith, 786-1263, kadesmith@uaa.alaska.edu