News Release Request

This form will provide you with some guidelines for submitting suggestions for releases. Copy the form as a Word document and email it to:

School/Department Contact & Phone Number:

Spokesperson(s) (If Different):

Is the information newsworthy? Is it…(check as many as apply)
___ Timely (i.e., does it have some immediate impact on readers)?
___ Novel (e.g., the first, the best, etc.)?
___ Consequential (i.e., a development that will have significant impact on readers)?
___ Dramatic (i.e., reveals something quirky or colorful about the human condition or character)?
___ Prominent (i.e., relating to a public figure/organization)? ___ Proximate (i.e., does it affect people living in specific area)?

Does it tell the UAA story? That is, does it showcase…(check as many as apply)
___ Students or faculty engaged in unusual, significant, community-based learning projects?
___ National recognition of UAA faculty, students, or programs?
___ UAA’s strong community partnerships?
___ UAA playing a vital role in enhancing Alaska's economy, culture, or quality of life?
___ UAA programs as relevant and responsive to needs of students or the community?
___ UAA’s role in helping people transform their lives and achieve their dreams?

How does it achieve the above? (please explain)

Description (given the criteria outlined above):
1. What are the unique features of this program or service?

2. Have you received any user satisfaction feedback yet? Can you provide contact information for quotes?

3. Are there any potential/perceived risks or negative issues? Is there anything limiting availability, eligibility, etc.?

4. What type of audience (person/industry) would be most interested in this news?

5. What is the goal of publicizing this (e.g. to drive attendance, to let the UAA community know, etc.)?

6. Are there specialty publications to which this information should be distributed?

Time Frame

1. What is the date and time of the event?



This form was adapted from Portland State University.