What does the Advising & Testing Center do in regards to Career Counseling?
The Advising & Testing Center provides career advisors to assist students and prospective students with career exploration. Students work with counselors to review such issues as college majors, employment outlook and educational requirements of various career options. Advisors can also assist students in identifying additional sources of career exploration information. The Center offers a
career exploration class (COUN 101 Introduction to Career Exploration).

Where do I start the career exploration process?
The Advising & Testing Center and the Career Services Center are both great places to start the career exploration process. While we recommend a meeting with a advisor from the Advising & Testing Center or the Career Services Center as the optimal way to begin the process, there are online resources available.

I need help choosing a major. Where do I begin?
While we recommend meeting with an advisor from the Advising & Testing Center or the Career Services Center for assistance in choosing a major, there are also online resources available. Here are 2 we recommend:
-My Majors
The Career Key

Where is the Career Services Center?
The UAA Career Services Center (CSC) is a great resource for assistance in the career exploration process. The CSC provides counseling, training and resources to assist students and alumni in making informed career decisions. The CSC is located on the first floor (Room 122) of Rasmusson Hall on the main UAA campus.

Where can I get more information on job searches & job interviews?
Contact the Career Services Center.
-Phone: 907-786-4513 (voice/TTY)
-Fax: 907-786-4351

Where can I get help writing a resume and cover letter?
The UAA Career Services Center (CSC) offers assistance with resumes and cover letters. You may drop off a draft of your resume and cover letter for review and comment. The CSC is located on the first floor (Room 122) of Rasmusson Hall on the main UAA Campus.

What is an internship?
The internship program is a unique form of education that integrates classroom study with paid, planned, supervised work experience in the public and private sectors. For more information on internship opportunities, contact the Career Services Center.

What are the opportunities for working abroad?

The Resource Library in the Career Services Center has books which provide current information on this topic. The Career Services Center is located on the first floor (Room 122) of Rasmusson Hall on the main UAA campus.

Also, simply doing an internet search using the words "working abroad" will yield several websites that provide information on working abroad.