Program Overview

The Air Force ROTC curriculum consists of academic courses and a leadership laboratory. Air Force ROTC is not a degree- or certificate-granting program. The academic courses cover the history, organization and mission of the Air Force, as well as leadership, management and national security affairs. Any UAA student may take these academic courses (except AIRS A150) without joining the Cadet Wing or the Air Force. However, certain courses require prerequisites or faculty permission.

The leadership laboratory provides practical military training. Activities include field trips to Air Force bases, physical fitness training, marching, and leadership exercises. To attend the leadership laboratory, UAA students must join the Cadet Wing and not have a medical condition that would preclude service in the Armed Forces.

To become an officer through Air Force ROTC, a student must, at a minimum, complete the two-year program (300- and 400-level courses plus leadership laboratory), a summer field training encampment, and earn a baccalaureate degree in any major from UAA. Upon graduation and commissioning, new lieutenants must serve a minimum of four years in the Air Force. Those who successfully complete Air Force pilot training must serve 10 years after training.

In order to receive a minor in National Defense, Strategic Studies and Leadership: Air Force Emphasis, students must complete the declaration of a minor form on the UAA website.

Two hours of mandatory physical training (PT) are required each week. Times and location of PT sessions will be announced each term.