NOTE: Admission to the Occupational Endorsement Certificate Clinical Assistant program is currently suspended.  Contact the department for further information.

General Admission Requirements for all students entering programs offered by the Medical Laboratory Science Department include:

  1. Complete the admission process for UAA.  Apply on UA Online to the Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Clinical Assisting.  Students must provide proof of High School Diploma or GED equivalency.  Departmental approval is required for all MEDT courses.  Students must complete PRPE A086 Writing Strategies with a minimum grade of C or have appropriate placement scores in order to receive departmental approval for MEDT A101.  Contact the department if you have questions concerning the placement scores.
  2. Complete the Student History Form and submit it to the Medical Laboratory Science Department in person, via FAX or by e-mail attachment.
  3. Review the Essential Requirements for Admission and return the signed form to the department.
  4. Prior to enrollment in either MEDT A101 or MEDT A132, students must complete the Pre-Entrance Medical Record. All immunizations must be signed by a health care provider. The Hepatitis Series must have been started and all other immunizations should be completed prior to the first day of class.
  5. Prior to enrolling in a practicum (MEDT A195A, MEDT A195B, MEDT A395 or MEDT A495) students must:
  • Demonstrate computer competency in the prerequisite MEDT courses.
  • Have completed a background check from State of Alaska at the following link:
  • Provide proof of personal medical insurance coverage.
  • Provide documentation of updated vaccines, if required.