Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with an Undergraduate Certificate in Dental Assisting will be able to:

  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge necessary to be competent in the dental assisting field.
  • Demonstrate professional standards according to OSHA, ADA, OSAP,ADAA and radiation health and safety standards.
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior in a dental office setting.

Admission Requirements

Enrollment in the Dental Assisting Undergraduate Certificate Program is subject to a departmental selection process.  Please see the Application Procedure webpage for additional information.

Certificate Requirements

The dental assisting certificate program is a comprehensive program consisting of lecture, hands-on training in clinical procedures and laboratory sessions. Full-time students will complete 17 credits in the fall semester, 14 credits in the spring semester and 3 credits in the summer. The program starts the last week in August, in coordination with all other University of Alaska Anchorage fall courses, and ends approximately June 30.

Most of the dental assisting classes are offered Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm; however, there are some required evening and weekend hours. The class schedule changes on a yearly basis to accommodate scheduling anomalies and adjunct faculty. Most of the classes will be held in the dental programs suite in the Allied Health Science Building. 

Fall Semester (17 credits)Spring Semester (14 credits)Summer Semester (3 credits)

DA A101 Essentials of Dentistry (3)

DA A102 Infection Control in Dentistry (3)

DA A110 Dental Radiography (3)

DA A110L Dental Radiography Lab (1)

DA A127 Dental Office Administration (3)

DA A130 Chairside Techniques I (4)

DA A150 Biomedical and Dental Sciences for Dental Assistants (3)

DA A160 Materials in Dentistry (3)

DA A195A Clinical Practicum I (1)

DA A201 Chairside Techniques II (4)

DA A202 Dental Specialties for Dental Auxiliaries (3)

DA A295A Clinical Practicum II (3)