General admission requirements for all students entering programs offered by the Medical Laboratory Science Department include:

  1. Apply to UAA and declare major as an AAS Pre-Major Medical Laboratory Technology or BS Medical Laboratory Science.
  2. Complete all university admission requirements including Math and English placement exams.
  3. Set up an appointment with an academic advisor to develop an academic plan in Degreeworks. 
  4. Submit all required department paperwork to the Medical Laboratory Department including the following:
    1. Student History Form
    2. Essential Requirements for Enrollment Form
    3. Enrollment Policy Form
    4. Verification of immunizations from UAA Student Health & Counseling Center.

Required immunizations prior to enrollment in MEDT A101 or MEDT A132 include:

    1. Immunity to rubella, rubeola, mumps and chicken pox confirmed by titer or current immunization.
    2. Immunity to hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Students must have started the immunization series prior to enrolling in the courses.
    3. Proof of one dose of Tdap as an adult followed by Td booster every ten years thereafter.
    4. Freedom from active tuberculosis, demonstrated by initial 2-step PPD followed by annual PPD. If PPD is positive, proof of negative chest x-ray is required.

Documentation of the following prior to enrolling in a practicum (MEDT A195A, MEDT A195B, MEDT A395 or MEDT A495):

    1. Influenza immunization for students enrolling in clinical practicums during flu season.
    2. Criminal background check; some facilities also require drug screening. 
    3. Personal medical insurance.
    4. Current certification in Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers (BLS-HCP) issued by the American Heart Association.