From the Editor

Dear fellow alumni and friends,

I’m pleased to share with you the Fall 2010 issue of Accolades. Having been part of UAA’s community since 1996, I’ve been lucky enough to see the University’s growth in reputation, in successes, in structures and in population over the years. But this growth may not be obvious to the “outside” world, so we thought it important to highlight who we are, what we’ve become, and how we contribute to the success of those who work and study at UAA, and those whose lives are impacted by the work we do at UAA. With so many examples of success to choose from, it was difficult for us to highlight only a few, but with this issue, you’ll get a taste of what our terrific faculty, staff and students are doing in the world. You’ll also hear from prominent Alaskans about what they see as some of UAA’s successes. Thanks to Sandy Harper, Janie Leask, Mayor Sullivan and Al Parrish for taking time out of their busy days to brag about UAA!

Though you won’t read about it in this issue of Accolades, I wanted to let you know about Bonding Proposition B, which will be on the Nov. 2, 2010 ballot. This bonding proposition will read, “Shall the State of Alaska issue its general obligation bonds in the principal amount of not more than $397,200,000 for the purpose of design and construction of library, education, and educational research facilities?” Included in this bond is funding for the UAA athletic facility and the UAF Life Sciences building, among other educational facilities. Also not in this issue but important to note is the new “Howl for the Home Team” advertising campaign. Watch for “larger than life” athletes featured on a municipal bus, and give a hearty howl as it passes by!

The age of e-mail and web video have begun to change the way we share information with you, and we’re happy to provide enhanced content through electronic media. This issue of Accolades contains a number of Internet links to podcasts of interviews and events, and to longer stories of those featured in this issue. To view this issue of Accolades online with audio and video content, visit We also now offer Accolades as an electronic publication, so if you’d prefer to receive this in your e-mail box rather than your snail mail box, let us know by visiting!

I hope you enjoy the Fall 2010 issue of Accolades. Feel free to share our success stories with friends, family, neighbors—and even those you sit next to on the airplane. Go on, brag about UAA, it’s fun!


Kristin DeSmith
M.F.A. ‘99