Off Campus Resources


Arctic-Studies-Center_1Arctic Studies Center (ASC), an extension of the Smithsonian Institution, is housed in the Anchorage Museum of History and Art in downtown Anchorage.  In addition to staging exhibits and engaging in a range of collaborative research programs, the ASC Alaska Office works with the University of Alaska and the Alaskan museums and cultural centers to offer lectures, workshops, and courses in cultural research and museum skills.  Dr. Aron Crowell, an Affiliate Professor of Anthropology at UAA, directs the Center's office.




Alaska Native Heritage Center, a renowned cultural center and museum in Anchorage, provides a venue for people to expand their understand of Alaska's first people.  The center shares the rich heritage of Alaska's eleven cultural groups drawing upon the lifeways of long ago, the wisdom of elders, and enduring traditions.  The cultural center and museum, located in Northeast Anchorage, is designed to enhance self esteem among Native people and to encourage cross-cultural exchanges.



Research Library at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Alaska Science Center. Situated on the neighboring Alaska Pacific University campus, the USGS library includes field records of geologists charged with mapping and describing the Alaskan territory as an aid to prospectors.





nara-logo_2National Archives and Records Administration, Pacific Alaska Region.  Situated in downtown Anchorage, and one of eleven regional archives established in the U.S., the Pacific Alaska regional facility maintains records retired from Federal agencies and courts in Alaska. 





State and Federal Agencies

Through cooperative agreements and memberships on the Graduate Advisory Board, the UAA Department of Anthropology maintains contacts with all federal and state agencies in Anchorage that employ anthropologists and/or have responsibilities in the anthropological arena.  These include the following: