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Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 26, No. 3 & 4

Fall & Winter 2009



Tim Dennis Lang
Survival Stories   Joan Marcus
The Last Time   Margaret MacInnis
The Memory Bird  Carolyn Kraus

Class Notes: A Short History of Impermanence
 Marilyn Sigman
Memento Metro   Priscilla Long
Living with Elephants Cheryl Merrill


Spring Leapers

David Lawrence Morse
Castle 4 Edith Pearlman

Joey, the Upstairs Boy
Karen Heuler
If You Needed Me Scott Nadelson
Finding Women Tara Mantel
Provenance Debbie Urbanski
Maynard Mary Stewart Atwell
J Sarah Kaplan
Box of Light Warren Slesinger
The Physics of Large Objects Pete Duval

Seasonal Roads

L. E. Kimball
After the Finale   Anthony Varallo
  Minutes   Zane Kotker
  The Ghost Zoo   Jody Azzouni
Heaven Sallie Bingham


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About the Cover

Harbor seal at Seward, Alaska.

©2009 Clark James Mishler

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